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Photo Gallery

Dall Sheep Dall Sheep Chance Whitney and his Chugach Ram Chance and a 40" x 14 1/2" and 35 2/8" x 14 3/8" inch ram taken in the Chugach 121558949 Ed Schoenherr and his Dall Ram Ed and a nice 40 inch Ram taken in the Talkeetnas. Kaasan packing. 121558950 Todd Meuhlip and a Talkeetna Ram Todd's 35 1/2" Talkeetna ram. Kiche packing - Karl on right. 121558951 Doug Rice and his Ram Doug's 38" Talkeetna sheep. Karl on left 121558952 Larry Stoewer and his ram Larry and a Nice Dall - 34 !/4" . Kaasan on left, packing. Karl on right. 121629112 Jeff Lang and His Dall Ram This is a 40 3/4" Dall Sheep Jeff took in the Talkeetnas. 121654841 Chip Stark and his Chugach Ram 2013 This is a 37 3/4" ram with 14 3/8" bases. 162 1/2 B&C. Taken by drawing permit in the Chugach Range. 188234704 Kaasan and a Wrangell sheep in 2013 Kaasan took this sheep in the Wrangell Mountains in August of 2013. 188237452 Wrangell ram Taken by Kaasan Braendel a few years ago. 40" curl and 14 1/8" bases. 188237547 Kiche and nice ram. This ram was taken in the Wrangells in 2013 by Kiche Braendel 188238500 Kenai ram taken by Karl Karl and packer Ian with the Kenai ram taken in 2012 188239189 Zeno Odermatt and his 2015 ram This is a beautiful 39 1/2" ram taken by Zeno Odermatt of Switzerland, taken in the Talkeetnas. 199701905 Zeno Odermatt's Talkeetna Ram 2015 Zeno Odermatt, Kaasan and Karl. 199702020 Zeno's sheep hunt Kaasan and Zeno on the pack out after the hunt. Talkeetna mountains. 199702138 John Vukas in the Chugach John hunting the Chugach Mountains with his hard to draw sheep permit. 199702614 John and Kaasan tha packer. Coming down the mountain, Kaasan in front. 199702615 Dall ram in the Chugach One of many pretty rams we saw on John's hunt that were not legal. 199702616