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Photo Gallery

Mountain Goat Mountain Goat Randall James 2021 goat hunt Randall James and his 8 3/8 mountain goat with Avery our packer and Karl 206601952 Goat hunts 2021 Mikaela Young Mikaela and her young billy, guided by McKenzie Mitchell 206601953 Goat hunts 2021 Monica Walker Monica and her nice young billy this past fall. Guided by McKenzie Mitchell 206601954 Jeff's Mountain Goat Jeff Lange's goat... Karl on left Kaasan packing. This billy measured 9 1/8". 121559346 Mountain Goat on Kodiak This goat was taken off Zachar bay mountains. Kiche guiding and Kaasan packing. This was a 9" billy. 121559704 Bob Griego's Billy This is a 10" billy taken by Bob on Kodiak in 2006. 121570114 Todd's Kodiak Goat Todd Meuhlip's Kodiak goat, a 9 1/4" billy.... Karl on right Kaasan packing. 121559705 Kodiak goat hunts 2010 2010 successful goat hunts with Kaasan packing and Karl and Kiche guiding. Jerry Mullins and Bruce Pelletier and their goats. 121559706 Scott Carter Kodiak Goat Hunt Scott from Farmington. Michigan and his October billy goat measuring 8 5/8". Taken on one of the good weather days. There weren't many. 204653884