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Photo Gallery

Sitka Blacktail Deer Sitka Blacktail Deer Fall 2021 Timothy O'Leary's Sitka blacktail buck Tim's largest blacktail deer. This one is a perfect 4 point with eye guards and scored 100 B&C points 206601946 Tim O'leary's first Sitka blacktail fall 2021 This is the smaller of the two nice bucks Tim took this fall 206601947 Mike Gleason's buck. This is a 102 B&C point buck Mike took in 2009. Karl on the right and Kiche Packing. 121565854 Dan Osborne and a 2017 buck Dan and his nice Sitka Blacktail buck. Next to him is our new packer Chantal DeAlcuaz and our son Kiche. 204653887 Keith Peter and his Blacktail This was a 93 point B&C buck Keith took in Zachar Bay 2010. Karl on the right and Kiche at center. 121565855 Hohn Kloosterman's buck A nice buck taken in 2008 by John. Karl on the left, Kaasan was packing. 121565856 Butch MacDonald and a Sitka Backtail This is a big buck taken by Butch at Zachar Bay. He scored 104 B&C points. 121628231 Tim Wise 2014 fall Black Tail Buck Big buck taken by Tim in the fall of 2014. 198565479 Jeff Leonetti Fall 2020 Jeff took a nice buck after his brother got a bear. Jeff came as a photographer and packer on his brother's bear hunt. 206466875