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Photo Gallery

Camp and Hunting Camp and Hunting Coming in Seahawk Air float plane arriving at base camp. 121648142 Catching Supper Kiche and Andy, with Kaasan in the bow, trying for some sole... 121648143 On the Beach After a fish fry supper, by the camp fire on the beach below the cabin. 121648144 Spike camp Goat hunting camp with Kaasan in the ultra light tent. 121648145 Down the Chute Kaasan preparing to retrieve a goat that has gone under the ice about 30 feet. 121648146 Down Under Kaasan tying on the goat for pull up. 121648147 Kiche at the Edge Kiche on the line, preparing to pull up a goat. 121648349 On the River Bring up camp on the Zachar River. Kiche on the left. 121648148 Warm Spring Day Andy on right, and Kiche in front, taking a break to cool off on a sunny spring day on Kodiak 121648966 Kiche and Andy's pack Restinby the river to move on. Heavy packs there. 121648351 Kaasan at Windy Lake Spotting for goats above Windy Lake in the fall of 2010 121648352 Camp shot in Chugach Range. Chip Stark's ram with meat in 2013, Chugach Mountains. 188235059 Packing in the Chugach Range. Chip packing out his ram in 2013. 188235108 Kaasan wading the river 2013 bear hunt with John Vukas on the Zachar River. 188235449 The bear John passed up. John Vukas wanted a monster, and passed this 9 1/2" bear up. 188235450 Jeff's bear hide on Kiche's pack Jeff Bedley's bear from fall of 2013. Packing out. 188236137 Pack train. When you get a moose in the Talkeetnas, we have quite a packing crew to help out. This was Chip's moose being packed out in 2012. Chip , Kaasan, Ian , Karl, and Odin. Jerry at left, looking on. 188239883 Ewes on the Kenai. These ewes crossed out path when on My 2012 sheep hunt on the Kenai. 188239983 Sow and cubs 2021 A sow and her 2 cubs taking a break... Fall 2021 206601955