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Photo Gallery

Spring 2015 brown bear Spring 2015 brown bear Travis Strasburg April 2015 Travis with his hunting party, who took a last minute cancellation hunt with only 9 hunting days remaining when he got to our camp, and his big and old 9' 11" squared bear. The skull went 27 and 11/16 ". 198565361 Dow Utterback May 2015 Dow and his mighty 10' 1" squared bear, with a 26 and 14/16" skull. There was an even larger bear 500 yards out that this bear was moving away from, but this guy came up the glassing knob to us and at 80 yards Dow put him down. 198565362 Max Davis May 2015 Max and his beautiful, perfectly furred, 10 footer with a 27 and 13/16" skull. 14 shots and a lot of running were involved to get this bear down. 198565363 Strasburg's Bear Skull Business end of an old boar, showing the broken, and missing teeth. A 27 and 11/16" skull. 198565364 Strasburg's bear skull another view. This is a closeup view of those teeth. This was a 27 and 11/16" skull. 198565365 Larry Lescanec's Kodiak Bear In April, before he came over for our May hunts, Kiche headed down to Kodiak with his friend Darrel and Darrel's Dad Larry, who had drawn a permit for our old Zachar Bay area. On the second day, in the middle of a snow storm, they got onto a big, old boar that squared 9 1/2 feet. The skull measured 27 10/16". 198848196