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Photo Gallery

Spring 2016 Spring 2016 Mike Bablitch, Kiche and Andy. 2016 Brownie Mike Bablitch with his 9' 11" Brown Bear. The skull measured 27 1/4" 201901008 Mike and his bear Dog Salmon spring hunt. Mike and his 9' 11" bear. Mike is from Plover , Wisconsin. 201901006 Mark Murphy and his spring 2016 Brownie Mark and Karl Braendel with Mark's 9' 9" brown bear. the skull measured 27 9/16". Mark is from South Jordan Utah. 201901007 Karl, Ian Erie and David Dukat This bear squared 10' 2" and the skull measured 28 9/16". 201901012 Dave and his record book Brown Bear Dave's bear squared 10' 2". 201901011 David Dukat's hunt on the Dog Salmon Dave with his bear's 28 9/16" record book skull. 201901009 Darrel's 17 yard bear Kiche and Darrel with Darrel's 10 foot Kodiak Bear in the mud hole it went down in.. 201956084 Darrel Lescanec and his 10 footer Darrel's Kodiak brown Bear went 10 foot and had a 27 14/16" skull. They approached to within 17 yards with intentions of making a bow shot, but the sight was damaged on Darrel's bow. They took the bear with a .375 H&H. This was the second stalk that got them this close to a bear. 201956083 The whole crew with Darrel's Bear Darrel, Heather, Kiche and Larry with the bear out of the mud hole after a Herculean effort . 201956085