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Photo Gallery

Spring 2017 Brown Bear Spring 2017 Brown Bear Paul Woods April bear. Paul is from Hancock Michigan and his bear squared 10' 1'. This bear had a beautiful hide with not a scar on him. 204083009 Rune Nyas May Brown Bear Rune from Finland and his 9' 10" square Kodiak bear. This was a bear as scarred up as you will see. From end to end. 204083010 Jaokim Dahlgren's Brownie Jaokim is from Lappfjard Finland and a 7' 2" square Kodiak. Another beautiful hide, and a story. They were tracking a monster with 9" wide feet when they heard a bear huffing at them in the brush. When it jumped up and ran, they shot it. It wasn't the right bear. It tumbled hundreds of yards down a steep plunging creek which is why it is so wet, The full story of this hunt will be in the news letter. 204083008