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Photo Gallery

2018 Spring Brown Bear Tales 2018 Spring Brown Bear Tales Base Camp Bear This is a small bear that came by our base camp several times. 205127990 A Bear We Let Go The second day of Sam Humphry's bear hunt, we passed this bear up. He's close to 9'. Had we known that Sam would have to leave after the third day, we would have taken this bear. 205127993 Another Base Camp Bear This is a small bear who also came through camp. 205127992 Sow with Two Cubs This is a sow with cubs we watched climbing away from a large male bear we named Roman. The photo was taken from a solid mile. 205127991 The Boar Following the Sow This is the Boar we called Roman that was pursuing the sow and two cubs up the mountain, before breaking off the chase. This bear was over 10 foot, and I believe had a 28"+ skull. Photo taken from a solid mile distance. 205127996 A Bear We Passed Up This bear is a 9 1/2' to 10' boar that we passed up since Preston had taken a bear this size with me 7-8 years ago. 205127989 15th Day Sow This female bear led a giant boar on a long walk that ultimately went over the mountain top, but not before teasing us with the hope that we could get a stalk on the male at some point. She never stopped. 205127994 The Giant Boar An over 10' male that followed his lady friend all over the mountainside. 205127995 The Giant Boar Take Two This photo really show the bulk and blocky head of an exceptionally large Kodiak bear. While we didn't get him, it was a treat to watch him for 8 hours as he maneuvered in pursuit of the sow. 205127997