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Hunting in Chickaloon

On all Chickaloon area hunts you will be picked up at the Anchorage airport and driven to my home which is our base of operations. At the end of your hunt I'll deliver you back to Anchorage with your animal and your gear. There aren't any transportation charges for these hunts making them a good value compared to most Alaskan hunts.

I do both moose and sheep hunts in this area. Presently (2010) moose numbers are very high with good numbers of mature bulls in the population. I'll do one or two moose hunts a year. Sheep numbers are in a building phase after a disastrous 99-00 winter that killed half the sheep in the Talkeetnas. I have normally done one or two sheep hunts a year, but have had a tough time finding full curl rams the past two years and am not presently booking for sheep. I'm anticipating an increase in older ram numbers as sheep born in 01-03 start reaching maturity and will continue to monitor the situation.

Sheep hunts require back packing anywhere from four or five miles to about ten miles in rugged terrain. Sometimes we've used our farm tractor, a jeep, or an Argo to get up a narrow track to where we can start walking. You will need good boots, at a minimum Danners with gaiters. A boot I can highly recommend are “Scarpa Liskamm GTX's” which require a break in, but are very comfortable and extremely well made.

Other important gear for sheep hunts is a good quality back pack, sleeping bag, and sleeping pad. For shelter we normally rely on high quality tarps. By August when sheep season opens the bugs are pretty well gone and tarps allow a very comfortable camp on uneven ground where it's often difficult to set up a tent with floor. There is a lot more room under the tarp with a lot less weight to carry.

We back pack in on moose hunts too, but usually only one or two miles. Again, we use tarps for shelter. The country we are hunting is mountainous so there is a lot of hill climbing involved. Again, we will use a tractor, jeep or Argo to get to where we start walking. Moose are a lot of work once you get one down and you are expected to help pack your moose to where we can pick it up with a machine. This distance can be up to about two map miles. So far our longest pack in this area has been about 1½ miles.