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Things You Might Need and Where to Find Them

Hunt List: What You May Need:

Here is our recommended gear list for Brown Bear hunts and contacts for permits:

Four pair light weight socks, Four pair heavy weight socks - Worn together to reduce blisters.

One pair Light to medium weight long underwear - Smart Wool may be the best available.

Warm jacket - wool or synthetic, plus heavier down coat for all day glassing in wind and rain.

Rain gear - Tops and bottoms - Rain jacket should be large enough to wear over jackets and coat.

One pair hunting pants - Tight knit wool, nylon blend, or other synthetic blend. Must dry easily.

Waterproof hat, Insulated or fleece gloves (two pair), Winter weight gloves on fall bear hunt.

Insulated hip boots (not too heavy), or Danner, Mendl, Lowe or Scarpa type hiking boots and a pair of Sourdough Slippers which are hip length waders that go on over the hiking boot, (my recommendation).​

Knee high gaiters. Outdoor Research makes some of the best ones.

Tooth brush - Mole skin - Personal effects - matches or lighter

Pocket knife or small hunting knife

Binoculars - 8X to 10X power range (no minis). Two light weight and very impressive lines are made

by Zeiss (Victory 8x32,10x32), and Swarovski (EL 8x32,10x32). $$

Camera - Film - Extra batteries

LED Flashlight - I prefer headlamps for their convenience and the LED for reliability - Extra batteries.

Scope covers and oil rag for rifle, Two boxes of ammo - Spitzer shaped bullets for a flat trajectory. Some bullets I recommend are Winchester Accubonds and XP3's, Trophy Bonded Bear Claws, Swift A-Frames, the Nosler Partition, Nosler E-Tip,

Barnes X Triple Shock or Barnes MRX

High quality pack frame - Camp Trail external frame pack, or high capacity internal frame (6000-7000cubic inch )Cap.

Sleeping bag - Down ( water resistant shell) or top quality synthetic, rated to 0 degrees (spring) -10 to -20 degrees (fall)

Sleeping pad - Closed cell foam, full sized. A roll up ridge rest, or fold up Z-Lite is hard to beat.

Water proof container for bear hide. Cabela’s Magnum Duffel Bag, 120 quart coolers, large plastic box or garbage can

Sighted in rifle - All screws checked for tightness - You will check your zero before the hunt begins Hunting License, nonresident brown bear locking tag - brown bear permit picked up at Fish and Game Deer harvest tickets plus nonresident deer locking tag on fall hunts. Fishing License if you like to fish. I recommend a two week license dated for the last two weeks of your stay.


Hunting and Fishing licenses/ Big Game locking tags

Application for Temporary Importation of Firearms and Ammunition

Barney’s Sport Chalet - Anchorage, Ak. PH 907-561-5242Also at

Barney sells about the best backpacks out there. For extreme loads go with his external frame pack. He also sells a nice internal frame pack. He’s also a good source for Lowe and Scarpa boots and Sourdough Slippers which are light weight hip length waders that slip over the Lowe boot (also works with Danner type boot) for wading. Barney also carries warm clothing and synthetic sleeping bags and Mountain Hardware rain gear.

Recreational Equipment at - Outdoor Research gaiters, Internal frame packs (6000-7000 cub. Inch Cap.) Smart Wool long underwear, Ridge Rest sleeping pads, quality sleeping bags like the Kilo plus 0 degrees.

Cabela’s at Magnum waterproof duffle bag for bear hide, leather boots, hip boots, Marmot 800+ fill down sleeping bags (Couloir 0 degree), Ridge Rest and Z-Lite sleeping pads, and assorted rain gear.

There are, of course, many sources of outdoor gear, and many varieties of packs, boots, clothing, sleeping pads, binoculars, etc. The above guidelines are just that - guidelines. They are not meant to be exclusive. One more observation pertains to rain gear. In Alaska you often end up back packing in the rain. I would stay away from some of the latest rain gear that combines a warm, insulating, soft, quiet material that works great for deer hunting, but is too warm for walking with a heavy pack. If you go with Gore Tex make sure it has the “Guaranteed to Keep you dry” label. Mountain Hardware makes some high quality and breathable rain gear.