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The Crew

Our staff includes Andy Hawk, Class A assistant guide, Kiche Braendel Class A assistant guide and /or packer, Kaasan Braendel, packer. Kaasan in the bow, Andy at the tiller and Kiche on the left, foreman. All of our staff have up to date CPR cards, and Wilderness First Aid cards.

Andy Hawk

Andrew Hawk is a long time Alaskan who has worked for Nin Ridge Guides for 24 years, starting out as a packer, and working up to Class A Assistant Guide. Andy has extensive Alaska hunting experience, on sheep, moose, brown bear and mountain goat. He is very knowledgeable regarding Alaska plants and birds as well. He is a gunsmith, and owner of Hawk's Gun Smithing in Anchorage.

Kiche Braendel

 Kiche started packing for Nin Ridge Guides at 15, and has been with us for 25 years. He did his first packing for Dennis Harms at 11. He has extensive experience in hunting Alaska, spotting, sizing bears, and guiding. He is a Class A Assistant Guide. Kiche is a life long Alaskan who spent his early years in the Alaska Bush. Kiche works for the Palmer Fish and Game in the summer, and writes when he has free time. He also does all of our video work.

Kaasan Braendel

My daughter Kaasan (alias Kobalt Assassin) first packed for Nin Ridge Guides helping pack in a moose at age 10. She has packed for us steadily for the last 14 years. She is a life long Alaskan with extensive camping and hunting experience for her age. Kaasan works for the Palmer Fish and Game in the summer and is a licensed helicopter pilot. She is an accomplished artist and musician and yes, she can carry a load.